http://hscboats.co.uk/fr-BE/casino-belgique_28-04-2020 Pacific Air Flight School provides professional pilot programs for every student’s needs, including customized courses based on the specific requirements of yourcountry. Our company is based in Southern California where terrain, weather, and airspace are perfect for flight training. The training you receive with us at Long Beach Airport is unparalleled to any other training in the United States. We often say, “if you can fly here, you can fly anywhere in the world.”

secret story live gratuit Our career pilot program offers all the training required to become a Commercial Pilot. From the very beginning you will get the professional treatment as you begin your journey of becoming a commercial pilot. Our world-class training programs combine technically advanced aircraft, high-quality flight instructors, and the perfect training environment to produce qualified pilots that are ready for a career in aviation.

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We are proud to provide highly trained instructors and a fleet of new, highly sophisticated aircraft fitted with some of the most modern equipment, which will give you the advantage, when transitioning to larger, commercial aircraft. Pacific Air Flight School’s obligation is to treat our students well and assist you with any given matter to make you feel comfortable and concentrate towards becoming a professional pilot. Most importantly, we care about our student’s safety, giving you the peace of mind to truly enjoy the journey and experience of flight training dragon stone.


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Cessna 172 G1000

  • Over 200 hours of G1000 time
  • Equipped with GPS & Autopilot to fly jets
  • The EFIS gets you ready to fly jets
  • Makes flying easy
*The packages above represent estimates. Please download our Information Package for details.

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